Awaken Haunt
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Our Original Haunted House!

Awaken is our original haunted house. In 2016 Awaken Haunt was born, it was the only attraction on the grounds, but held its own with movie like quality sets, great scares and amazing actors. Today Awaken haunt is just the intro to 3 other attractions that all link together. You will enter Awaken, then head through "Terror-Phobia 3D maze" then back into Awaken, to then head outside to "The Forgotten" a strobed out pallet maze with the forgotten ones chasing you among the voices. From there you will continue outdoors to "Tenebrous" an abandoned village of old boat houses, tunnels, shacks, graveyards and more. If you make it out, then you re-enter "The Forgotten" for a stroll up to the entrance of "Awaken" the remainder of your time.. This experience includes 4 attractions for one price... oh, and bring a friend, you'll need one.

Awake Haunted Attraction