Frequently Asked Questions

What Hours Are You Open?

Our doors open each night at 7pm. Then we stay open as long as we have people in line. This typically means 11 or later on Friday, Midnight or later on Saturdays as Halloween approaches. Thursdays and Sundays are usually less busy and may close as early as 1opm if no customers are still waiting. See our schedule for more information.

How Serious of a Haunt is Awaken?

Awaken is a very serious haunt and not for the faint of heart. Headed by creative designer Brian McVay, our creators have years of experience in the haunt and design world. Through our progression of professional sets, you can expect amazing scenes, unexpected scares, movie-set quality props, twists and turns, cool attractions and more. Our highly skilled actors work within this framework to provide a terrifying, one-of-a-kind horror experience that is extremely serious.

Where Are You Located?

Awaken Haunt is conveniently located ½ mile off of Highway 127 in Leslie, Michigan. Leslie is about a 20 minute drive south of Lansing and about a 10 minute drive north of Jackson. Ann Arbor and Battle Creek are around 30-45 minutes away.

Are There Age Restrictions?

Look, you should re-read the question above and use your best judgement. We do not recommend Awaken for children, but use your best judgement.

Why Parental Guidance?

Awaken recommends that parents provide escorted guidance for any guests under the age of 18. This is both for their safety and to provide support/supervision. Remember, Awaken is a serious haunt with some intense scenes of gore and other terrifying acts. This can be very frightening for kids and adults alike. Kids can (and many do) make it through our haunted attraction scared but unscathed. Most have a fun time. However, parents need to be aware that not all children will enjoy it. If children refuse to enter after purchasing tickets or leave the haunt early through our emergency exits, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Let’s say that again. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

If you are questioning whether or not your child is mature enough to venture through our haunt, we suggest that you compare us to an “R” rated movie. If you wouldn’t let your kid watch an “R” rated movie, then you probably don’t want to send them through our haunt.

Do You Have Indoor Waiting?

Yes. We have heated/air-conditioned indoor waiting. Bathroom facilities and a well-stocked concession are also on-hand for your convenience.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Awaken accepts all major credit cards as well as on-line purchases. There are no refunds with online or box office credit card purchases, same for all cash purchases.

How is Parking?

We have a large, well-lit, free parking lot with plenty of parking spaces.

How Fast Does the Line Move?

The lines move quickly. Like any sought after haunt, wait times can build on popular nights the closer you get to Halloween. Rest assured, we try to provide a fair balance between letting guests enjoy the haunt at their own pace (not being rushed through the attraction) and providing reasonable wait times. To help ease wait times, we frequently provide performances to keep everyone entertained and excited. We also offer a VIP or Fast Pass option with our online and box office tickets. 

How Many People Can Go Through at One Time?

We limit the size of each group of guests intentionally. This is for our guests’ benefit, as large groups simply miss out on our haunt experience. Imagine yourself at the back of a large group of people being slowly herded through the attraction. How will the actors scare you? How will anything surprise you?

Plus, large groups tend to move slower and this can cause different groups to bunch up which isn’t fun for anyone. Look, you paid good money to have a terrifying haunt experience, and we want to provide that for you. For these reasons, we recommend groups of 2-4 guests for the best experience, and usually limit groups to a 6 person maximum.

What Famous Movie Characters Will I See?

None. Awaken Haunt is not about gimmicks. Awaken Haunt provides a cast of our own wonderfully creepy characters to keep you terrified and excited. However we may have “real movie characters” as special guests in our lobby for photos and signings, check our special events page.

Is Security Provided?

Yes, we have armed security on-hand, a seasoned staff, and we are very friendly with the local police who stop by time to time.

Video Security Cameras?

Everything is video-taped throughout Awaken for your security and ours. Our video cameras even extend to the parking lot. Everything, and we mean everything, is on video.

How Long Does It Take to Get Through Awaken?

This is a very common question, and the answer often depends on the guests. Our scenes and props are first-class, and we encourage our guests to take their time as they go through Awaken. Let your senses absorb the experience and appreciate the details and nuances we provide. For that reason, we work hard on keeping some separation between groups and pacing everyone out. On average, it will take our guests approximately 15 minutes (very fast pace) to 40 minutes (slow pace) to venture through our experience. Obviously, the duration will be affected by groups in front and behind you and by the amount of people in attendance that night. Of course, this doesn’t include the time to purchase tickets and wait in line.

Will the Actors Touch Us?

We try to minimize the touching as this can be uncomfortable for some guests. Of course, some people love it, and want the actors to touch them to scare them even more. Our actors are here to scare you and they will get very close to you and some touching will/may occur. We want to give you your money’s worth for this experience while respecting everyone’s sensibilities.

That said, our guests are absolutely forbidden from touching our actors. By purchasing tickets and being admitted to Awaken Haunt, you are agreeing to not touch our actors. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TOUCH OUR ACTORS OR STAFF. Doing so, will cause you to be removed from the premises.

What Size is the Haunt?

Our haunt is plenty big…. over 15,000 square feet and roughly almost a 1/2 mile from start to finish, and we pack every inch with horrifying detail.

Do You Ever Refuse Admission to Customers?

Yes, of course. Usually, it’s just the dumb ones though. Awaken Haunt reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Awaken Haunt has the right to refuse admittance of any guest(s) who do not follow posted rules or get out of control, as determined by our staff. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following: the use of foul language, aggressive behavior, pushing, vulgar actions, weapons of any kind, alcohol use or misuse prior to or during the event, etc. These and any other actions deemed inappropriate by the staff will result in that guest(s) being denied entry and/or removed from the premises. Awaken Haunt has a list of rules that must be adhered to for the safety of our guests and staff. Guests violating these rules may or may not be given a warning before being asked to leave without a refund. We respect the rights of individuals but we also respect the rights of our staff and other guests who have paid for a one-of-a-kind experience, and don’t want it ruined by others inappropriate behavior. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!! ALLL SALES ARE FINAL!!

What Special Guests or Events Are You Having For 2018?

Awaken Haunt had Tony Moran, the original Michael Myers from Halloween, in 2017.

We are currently working on guests for 2018 season.

Also 2018, we are the lead sponsor for the City of Leslie’s October celebration “Scare Crow Days”. Leslie has put together an awesome schedule with bands, brews, decorations, contests and other exciting events throughout October. If you’re a fan of Halloween, please check out what Leslie has going on this year.

Please see our full schedule for other events and guests throughout the 2018 season.

It’s Raining and Cold. Should I Attend?

Yes, Awaken has plenty of parking and our indoor waiting. Rain and cold aren’t a problem.

You Mentioned a Concession. What Can We Expect?

Our concession provides a selection of snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) to help you with the munchies.

Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes with some detours. This, of course, depends on the wheelchair being used and how much assistance is needed. There are some areas that we would need to work around, but a large portion of our haunt will allow for a wheelchair.

What About Smoke or Strobe Lights?

We use fog machines (not smoke) to create the look of smoke. Strobe lights are in use. Please see our warnings on strobe lights on this website and posted throughout our attraction.

I’m Pregnant. Should I Attend?

No. We do not recommend this attraction for anyone who is pregnant or thinks they may be pregnant.

How Dark Is It?

It’s dark throughout most of the haunt. Low visibility and fog help create a fearful setting for our guests, but it is lit in the right spots to show off the sets and details, we ARE NOT just a bunch of dark rooms or halls.

Can I Get Lost? Is It a Maze?

Some areas can be maze-like, but our actors are on-hand to assist and guide you through. Emergency exits are provided throughout. There are no dead ends, all the rooms and halls lead to the exit

I Want to Wear My Halloween Costume Through Awaken. Can I?

NO NO NO. No weapons or weapon props ether, and we will ask you to remove a mask if you have one and take off heavy makeup. Costumes are bulky, restrictive and can get caught on our props. We are here to scare you, not the other way around, so that’s not going to work.

Once We’ve Used a Ticket, Can We Go Through Again?


Can We Win Free Tickets?

We typically have contests going throughout the season via our website, Facebook page and other media partners for details on what contests may be running.

What About Cell Phones?

We ask that you turn off your cell phones while a guest of our attraction. We don’t allow photos or video, and there is no use of the cell phone flashlight, you will be escorted out if you do use it. Do we really need to explain to you why talking on a cellphone or having someone call you on a cell phone while walking through a haunt, this will disturb other guests? We are certainly not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones at our event. The use of cell phones while going through Awaken Haunt may get you removed from the premises.

Why Can’t I Bring in My Carry Bag?

Really? You want to bring in your carry bag and wander through our haunt? Do we really need to go over the reasons why we don’t allow this? Please, leave your bags and other items in a secure location or better yet, at home before attending Awaken Haunt. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items, and strongly discourage you from bringing them into our facility.

Something Smells…

It’s not me I swear! Smells and odors are a part of the Awaken Haunt experience, as is the lighting sound effects and more. Be prepared for a little odorous adventure at Awaken.

I Want to Video and Take Pictures. Can I?

NOOOOOOOO! Customers using video, cell phones, cameras and/or any recording or photo device inside the haunt will be dismissed from the premises. We will have photo opportunities available to you in our lobby and waiting area. Please respect the rights of our actors. They are not paid to have photos taken of them and you are infringing upon their rights. Also, flash photography will disturb other guests. Again, photo opportunities will be made available to you in our lobby.

I Want to Scare People Too. How Do I Join Awaken?

Please send an email to

I Want to Do a Story on Your Attraction. Who Do I Contact?

Please send an email to

I Lost Something. What Now?

Do not stop to look for your items! This will compound the problem. After exiting the attraction, contact our staff in the lobby. If we can, we will have a staff member alert the actors in the area and see what we can do to find your item quickly. This is unlikely during peak times. If your item cannot be located that night, we will search for it on a later day with the lights on before an opening. You will need to leave your contact information and a complete description of the missing item. We will make every effort to find your item, but Awaken Haunt is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

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