Awaken Haunt

Feb. 10th 2024

Love Bites
Saturday, 7pm to 11pm

Please join us for a night of lost loves, tragic endings, and dark scary secrets! You don’t need a date for this Valentine event, but we strongly recommend that you not come alone. You and your group will be provided one flashlight as Awaken turns down the lights to pure black*. Yes, you heard flashlight to travel into the depths of our horror-filled haunt. This means the corners will be darker, the shadows deeper and the fun and scares even scarier. Your imagination will run wild for this fun, exciting and terror filled Valentine’s Day event!

This is a super fun and exciting night of fright that you and your friends won't forget!

*There will be a few areas that will have some light, like our 3D maze and laser swamp. 

Awake Haunted Attraction