Kips Taco

What’s in your taco? 

Patrician taco of death anyone? Maybe with a side of lady fingers?


Have you ever questioned what you’re eating? In local Chinatown anywhere USA you hear stories about restaurants closing down because they had been serving cats and dogs, even rats to patrons. Yum! Happy eating, right? 

What could be worse, you ask? What if you didn’t know you were partaking in cannibalism? 


In Jackson Michigan, twenty years ago, the secret ingredient at Kip’s Taco House was their people. Literally Hannibal Lecter style human remains were being served up on steamy Mexican dishes to the locals. How could this be? 

Kevin “Kip” and Patricia Artz were proud owners of a taco joint located by the Westwood Mall just off of W. Michigan Avenue at 2319 W Main St. Commonly served up food included tacos, burritos, and even pizza. 


One night in their apartment they were fighting about Kip’s marijuana habit. Kip saw a demon materialize in his wife’s face and he lost it. He began choking her and during the struggle he grabbed the nearest thing he could, and it escalated as he saw red. He bludgeoned her repeatedly with a metal bar until she died. There was blood and hair everywhere.


He took her body and put it in the trunk of his car and drove to his restaurant. In the kitchen he used his culinary expertise to slowly saw off her head and limbs. He then sliced and diced her body up. The head he put in a box. The body pieces were then broiled, baked, sautéed, and ground into meat that he then placed into his food prep area. The next day he went about business as normal. He told everyone that Patricia was on vacation.


Business went on as usual and customers happily ate up the evidence as time went by. Soon though the cops started making inquiries as her family couldn’t reach her while she was on her “trip”. Suspicion grew and he knew he had to dispose of her head. The biggest remaining evidence in his possession. He was on his way to the dumpster with the box containing it and got caught red handed. 


According to a Dr. Joseph Gadi, a neuropsychologist, Kip suffered a mental breakdown from marijuana induced psychosis, as he would later testify in court. We now know, as it gets legalized in more and more states, that this is not something that would hold any believability in today’s times, or he would have tried another avenue. He claims he suffered from a brain injury and had been seeing things.  The truth was Kip just went crazy. Many articles in the news argue otherwise.


He showed no remorse for his wife’s death during the trial and Judge Wilson saw right through every argument. He received a life sentence, of which he’s attempted appealing unsuccessfully many times.


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Amanda Kelley – Author

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