Awaken Haunt

There are two things that Hank the Barber is known for around Meekerville… cutting hair and bowling.

Most folks around town would add a third one to that list, “murdering” if you can believe the rumors.
Yes. Hank’s a big guy and sure thing, he’s got a big temper. Big arms too. Workin’ man’s arms that could
hammer a nail in one swing. Only Hank’s preferred tool is the scissors. Oh, he aint the fanciest barber,
but he’ll get you in and out of the shop with a clean cut faster than anyone. Smooth and trim with a
shave if you want, and not a knick or scratch to be found…unless he wants to cut you, then all bets are
off, or say they say.


Did I mention his temper though? I think I did, but I’ll mention it again, so’s you can pay attention. You
sure don’t EVER want to be hangin’ around his shop when he’s not there. An’ you sure don’t EVER want
to be touching his bowling trophies. He’s fond of those trophies. Why I remember ol’ Bill Henderson was
sittin’ there in that old barber chair, and he grabbed one of Hank’s bowling trophies an wouldn’t put it
down. You could see Hank getting’ redder and redder. Next thing you know, Hank “slipped” an’ cut Bill’s
ear a good one with those bi g scissors. Bill gave out a howl and blood went everywhere. It was a
heckuva mess an Bill almost lost his whole earlobe and more. And, that was just the start.


It was only a matter of weeks before Bill fell off the Meekerville bridge and got himself killed. When his
wife got to squakin’ about needin’ an investigation, things turned out bad for her. It appears she fell on
her own axe while choppin’ wood in her backyard. Mighty strange that one. Of course, there’s been a
few more “accidents” that seem to follow Hank, and even a disappearance. But, I don’t think it’s best we
talk about these things any further, local sentimentalities to consider and all.

No one really goes into Hank’s anymore. I think you can understand why. Weird, he still keeps it open.
I’ll you some advice. If I was you, I’d keep movin’ on down the street to Ernie’s place. Fine barber Ernie,
and as mellow as they come. Tells a good story too. Yep, you just keep goin’ an leave Hank’s place alone.

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