Awaken Haunt

How Fast Does the Line Move?

The lines moves quickly depending on how busy it is. We start with staging 3 groups (or up to 12 people) at a time, which averages about 5 minutes between sets of groups, so roughly 36 groups of up to 6 guests per group an hour. We put you back into your individual groups after you enter the haunt. Like any sought after haunt, wait times can build on popular nights the closer you get to Halloween, so we recommend coming early. Rest assured, we try to provide a fair balance between letting guests enjoy the haunt at their own pace (not being rushed through the attraction) and providing reasonable wait times. To help ease wait times, we frequently provide performances to keep everyone entertained and excited. We also offer a FastPass option with our online and box office tickets. This does speed up the wait time to those who purchase the FastPass. Keep in mind, that even if a general admission group goes ahead of you, there’s a good chance they have been waiting more than double the time you have to get in. 

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Awake Haunted Attraction