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10 Scary Mothers

When one thinks of horror flicks, they don’t usually associate said flicks with the warm embrace of motherhood. Fortunately, quite a few screen writers and producers have used that to their advantage and turned our some seriously scary mothers on … read more 10 Scary Mothers

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World’s Most Haunted Locations

Every haunted location has its own unique story that lives on for the ages. Here, we have assembled a collection of the world’s most haunted locations and a little bit about why they may still be so active today. The … read more World’s Most Haunted Locations

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Top Haunted Houses in Michigan

Let’s face it; for all the bad press we get, Michigan does some things really well, namely: fun on the water, microbrews, rock and roll, amazing local food, and, yes, haunted houses! Some of the top haunted houses in the … read more Top Haunted Houses in Michigan

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10 Bands That Dress Like Monsters

Since the dawn of theater, performers have use makeup and masks to cultivate any number of character personas. It should be no surprise then, that in contemporary culture, bands who sing sinister stories over devilish dirges would opt to dress … read more 10 Bands That Dress Like Monsters

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Halloween Traditions Around the World

In modern times, only Christmas tops Halloween in terms of holiday spending. Yes, a cultural event unlike any other, Halloween has really taken on a life of its own. Interestingly, however, is that Halloween actually goes by other names in … read more Halloween Traditions Around the World

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